Specialty Coffee

It is our mission to represent the finest coffees the world has to offer. We roast in a way which honors the coffee bean, for the sole purpose, to best express and compliment its character. These traits, unique to every coffee are imparted by the coffee varietal, farming and production practices, but mostly by the origin of the coffee. Every coffee we offer is carefully selected, roasted and tasted many times over until the best roast profile is found; the one which compliments the coffee best.

We invite you to discover foremost coffee regions of the world with us as we seek out, and source seasonal coffees from unique and exceptional origins. The coffees we represent are small lots from artisan producers. These are the coffees that truly express the terroir where it grows. Along the way, we will introduce you to the stories and faces behind the coffee, and introduce you to people that are as passionate about growing coffee as you are about drinking it.

Sustainability and responsible farming is close to our heart. Sourcing and partnering with producers who share our principles of being good stewards of natural and human resources. We hope to open people’s eyes to the real world of coffee, offer coffee fresh and honest, tasting the way coffee should. If this all sounds new and unusual to you, all the more reason to give us a try. Once you experience real coffee, there is no turning back.